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This agreement, made this          day of                           by and between Mary Dowski,
(first party also referred as breeder), and                                                          (second party hereinafter referred to as
buyer/owner) and inasmuch as Mary Dowski is offering for sale a companion quality Cardigan Welsh Corgi further
described below as follows:

Name:        CAR-RAE’S                                             Whelped:                                                  Sex:
Color:                                                                        AKC Registration Number:                        Microchip #:

Fluff Coat DNA:                                                         DM DNA:

The parties to this contract in consideration of the sum of $                          (           ) paid by the buyer in certified
check to the breeder and the mutual covenants and stipulations set out herein, agree as follows:
(Owner initials each category upon reading; signifying his/her or their consent and/or agreement to each individual

         1. Breeder hereby warrants this dog to be in good health at the time of sale with all or partial inoculations
depending upon the age of the dog when sold. It is understood that buyer will have the dog vetted within three (3)
days. Vaccination records will be given to new owners at time of sale.

    2. In the event the puppy develops a hereditary or congenital disease that debilitates said dog, (ie., cancer
that does not respond to treatment and causes death of dog, or euthanasia is in the best interest for the care of the
dog, by the age of four (4) years or severe hip dysplasia requiring replacement, (not partial or gold-bead implants) or
euthanasia by the age of four (4) years), the puppy will be replaced with a dog of comparable quality (companion) as
soon as practical and at the breeder’s capability. In no event shall the breeder make any monetary refund. If the
buyer/owner wishes to keep the dog after said disease is discovered, the buyer is responsible for all unforeseen
veterinary costs for the duration of the dog’s life. The breeder will assist the buyer/owner in locating veterinary care
specific to said dog’s disease, but in no form, will be financially responsible for assisting the buyer/owner in purchasing
veterinary care due to the illness. Buyer/owner will keep breeder informed of veterinary care of disease. If breeder is
no longer breeding Cardigan Welsh Corgis at time of replacement request, this clause is voided and no monetary
refunds will be given. Medical records describing diagnosis of medical condition are to be released to the breeder
from the veterinarian where diagnosis and/or care is made or received. If dog is fed high protein kibble (over 26%),
(raw diet is acceptable); overweight; exposed to chemicals on routine basis (ie., lawn care); or allowed to run/walk on
pavement as primary exercise or before the age of one year, this clause is null and void. Medical records describing
diagnosis of medical condition and/or condition are to be released to the breeder at no cost from the veterinarian
where diagnosis and/or care is made or received if buyer/owner is seeking a replacement puppy.
DM diagnosis can only be confirmed at time of death and a necropsy must be completed to make this warranty valid.

   3. The breeder hereby guarantees that the above described dog is a purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi which is
able to be registered with the American Kennel Club. Breeder will register puppy with AKC on a limited registration
following receipt of payment for purchase. The breeder’s kennel name “Car-Rae” shall be incorporated into said dog’s
registered name at the beginning of its name, followed by a unique name associated with the theme of the
litter                                 . A true copy of puppy’s pedigree and a copy of parents’ health records will be given to
buyer at time of sale.

   4. The buyer/owner agrees to have the above-mentioned dog neutered or spayed at six months of age
(minimum age regardless of veterinarian recommendation). Male or female dogs can wait until one year of age to be
neutered or spayed but agree to take extra caution with intact dog (see section #8). Official veterinarian
documentation of spay/neuter will be sent to breeder within seven days of procedure.

   5. Buyer/owner hereby agrees to take proper safeguards for the care and safety of the dog and to promote the
proper health and well-being of said animal; including, but not limited to a fenced yard, adequate shelter (maintaining
said dog as a family member/ house pet and not as an outside or kennel dog), exercise, proper diet (feeding adult
dog food ONLY [no puppy formulas during growth period] with no more than 26% protein), puppy socializing, and
obedience training.

   6. Buyer/owner agrees to have said dog’s hips evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
between the ages of twenty-four months and thirty months.  Buyer/owner also agrees to have dog’s eyes evaluated by
an American College of Veterinary Opthalmologist (AVCO) after the age of one year (12 months) and by the age of
two years (24 months). These tests are necessary to keep the breeder informed of genetic traits within her bloodlines
of all dogs, show and companion quality, and will assist her in making future breeding choices with related dogs.
(Dogs in Canada can use OVC for hip evaluations)

   7.  Buyer/owner agrees to not sell, transfer ownership, and/or place temporarily or permanently in another home,
with any other person not named in this agreement; or, otherwise dispose of the dog without breeder’s written
permission. Buyer/owner will notify breeder immediately of any address changes for duration of dog’s life. Buyer/owner
will notify breeder if dog becomes missing. Breeder’s name and address will be listed with buyer/owner’s contact
information on the microchip recovery system. Said dog will be enrolled into AKC’s Recovery system at time of AKC
registration at breeder’s cost. If buyer/owner cannot maintain/keep said dog as a house dog/family member; or, the
owner fails to abide by the above stated items, the breeder may exercise her right of immediate possession with sole
AKC ownership reverting back to breeder. Buyer/owner will provide signed AKC registration certificate giving breeder
sole ownership.

   8.  It is stipulated by and between the parties that failure of the buyer/owner to comply with any of the conditions of
the agreement, (No. 4, 5, 6, and 7) is considered breach of contract and may result in the dog being returned
permanently to the breeder upon demand by breeder. Monetary damages of $5,000.00 may be imposed by breeder
to buyer/owner for breach of contract for each violation. If breeder repossesses said dog and/or monetary damages
through court action, all attorney and court fees will be paid by owner. Venue for all and any litigation will occur in
breeder’s jurisdiction of Gem County, Idaho or legal residence at time of contract breach. This agreement shall be
binding upon the parties, their successors, assigns and personal representatives.

   9. It is the intention and purpose of the agreement to promote, advance and perpetuate the integrity of the
Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed; and, to provide the buyer with a companion animal that will be spayed/neutered and to
protect the interest of both breeder and buyer/owner.

   10. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement, promises or
inducements made by either party that is not contained in this written contract shall be valid or binding. This contract
may not be modified or altered except in writing by the parties and endorsed herein.

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