In 1968, my mother began obedience training her rough collie, "Pepper" and exhibiting her in
obedience trials. After winning High In Trial at the Collie Club of America's National Specialty, she
was soon "hooked" into the world of dogs. We owned and operated a boarding kennel for dogs, cats
and other animals while raising Rough and Smooth Collies under the prefix "Honeybun" In 1979 we
added a Shetland Sheepdog, "Cricket" who became the foundation for "Honeybun Shelties".

I began exhibiting collies as early as 4 years of age. By the time I was seven years old I was
competing in the conformation ring with dogs bigger than I!  At this same time, I saw my first
Bernese Mountain Dog at a local dog show and fell in love.
I never forgot the gentle character of that dog and the instant connection I had with it.

During my early years, I was also involved in rearing puppies from conception to adulthood and  
showing them in the show ring. I saw and felt the heartache of genetic disease that overtook the
Collie breed during those years. By the time I was 14 years of age, I was pursuing my own breeding
program with English Cocker Spaniels; exhibiting multiple breeds for other breeders and owners;
training other junior handlers and adults in the art of dog showing;
and training dogs for the Hearing Ear Program.

I was also active in 4-H as a leader in Dog and Rabbit programs.  I loved the show ring and having
judges select my dog as "the most beautiful". I also loved exhibiting in the obedience ring where
brains and function exemplified the winning teams. My early experiences in raising, showing and
breeding dogs and rabbits developed my framework for the breeding program
that I continue to build, mold and shape today with Bernese Mountain Dogs.

In 1988, I purchased "Cassie", my first Bernese Mountain Dog and the foundation of Car-Rae.
Am/Can Ch. Car-Rae's High Hopes O' Bernhugel CD, HIC

I breed, first and foremost, to develop loving, caring companions who I
would be proud to acknowledge as being their breeder. It is my lifelong
desire to never find one of my dogs' descendants in a puppy mill, auction,
"frequent breeder" care or pet shop. In  pursuit of this desire, I sell only a
select few puppies to potential breeder homes and I screen potential puppy
owners for the love, care and companionship that they may offer my puppies.

Every breed and mixed-breed has its faults, heartaches and accomplishments.
A breeder cannot deny that every ancestral line-- no matter how carefully
selected, has its faults. By knowing your dogs and the faults that they behold,
one can make informed decisions about who to breed and whom not to breed.
It is the knowledge of these qualities with which I make breeding plans--
determining which dogs
will "carry on" Car-Rae through future generations
and which dogs will become spayed or neutered companions.
It is my desire to provide prospective families with fun and loving
companions who will be a part of their family for many, many years.

First and foremost,
my dogs are my dearest companions.
They bring smiles and comfort,
happiness and good company.
And, have allowed me
many wonderful friendships
with other dog-lovers!

Give your dogs a hug each and every day!
Car-Rae's Trottin' to Emmett CD, NDD, JHD, TDI

BMDCA Working Dog Award Recipient
"Woof n' Tales" Animal Assisted Reading Program participant
my constant companion, farm buddy and bed warmer