Bernese Mountain Dogs
BG# 115962  

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
DM SOD1A "Clear"
DM SOD1B "Clear"
vWD Clear by parentage
OFA Shoulders "Normal"
OFA Elbows "Normal"
OFA Hips "Good"
Heart - "Normal"
Eyes- **see litter data

AKC Conformation Pointed
CKC Conformation Pointed
AHBA Herding Capability Tested-Sheep
"Luca" is Aiysha's son from her second
litter. He is a grandson of "Trotter", the
sire to my beloved "D" and "E" litters who
were (and are) some of the greatest
working dogs and sweetest companions.

"Luca" has inherited that same sweet
nature who loves to work and please. He
especially loves swimming and retrieving!

"Luca" is my first home-bred
Versatility dog....obtaining titles
at both ends of his name
for both beauty and trainability....
BG# 106153

DM SOD1A (Degenerative Myelopathy) "Clear"
DM SOD1B (Degenerative Myelopathy) "Clear"
Vom Willebrand's (Vwd) OFA "Normal"
AKC DNA Profile #: V729336

OFA Hips "Good"
OFA Elbows "Normal"
OFA Shoulder "Normal"
OFA Eyes "Normal" (12/2014)
OFA Heart "Normal"

DOB: 9/13/14

AKC Conformation Champion
AKC Rally Novice Title
CKC Conformation Champion
AKC Companion Dog Title
BMDCA Novice Draft Dog
BMDCA Versatility Dog (Nov. 2018)


Car-Rae's Miracle
AM/CAN CH. Car-Rae's Lieben des Lichtes RN
Car-Rae's Peacemaker (Pema)
BG# 149769

DOB: 6/8/18
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
DM SOD1 A Clear by parentage
DM SOD1 B Clear by parentage
vWD Clear by parentage
Car-Rae's Odyssey of Love
BG# 143279

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)  SOD1A "Carrier"
DM SOD1B "Clear" by parentage
vWD Clear by parentage
Eyes - "Normal" (10/2017)

DOB: 8/10/17



Celebrating Car-Rae's
VERSATILITY DOG....Beauty and brains,
with titles on both ends of his name!