Cardigan Welsh Corgis
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Established 1987 - Involved in AKC activities since 1972

Welcome to Car-Rae!

My love for Bernese (and all dogs) is immense and I strive to
produce the soundest, most loving, long-lived "Berner" (as we call
them) to share lives with others- as they do with me.

However, this breed is not the healthiest breed and no matter
how much one tries to avoid issues; issues will still come
forward. That is why it is important that you, as a companion
owner, purchase your "forever family" member from a person
that you can count on to be there in case of any concerns.

When you purchase a puppy from me you will have my 45 years
of experience in the world of dogs.

You will also know that every time I breed
I have put in hours of research into finding
the best stud dog(s), (usually within driving
distance), for the female I am going to
breed to compliment her genetics, lineage,
personality and abilities.

99% of my puppies leave the farm with a
limited AKC registration meaning that they
will be spayed or neutered and not become
breeding dogs. While I enjoy many activities
with my own dogs and strive to produce the
"perfect" Bernese or Cardigan, I am concerned with the
number of dogs in this world and hope to
NEVER find my dogs in places that they do not belong for
generations to come. Thus, I mentor few people being satisfied
with providing loving companions to families.
BMDCA High in Trial Winner ** BMDCA Working Dog Award Winner
(12/8/1996 – 4/15/2005)

Everywhere I look I cannot find
the one who was beside me in spirit, body and mind.

From laying at the front door- or in your favorite crate-
The walks to the pasture; and lately, your waiting at the pasture's gate.
From the times we sat together or your carrying of a favorite toy-
I can faintly hear you breathing as I hold you close "my boy".

Everywhere I look- I cannot find
The one who was beside me in spirit, body and mind.

From the memories we created and the challenges we both overcame-
One day on earth without you will never be the same.
From the times we weren't together you would wait at someone else's door-
Knowing if you waited long enough I would return to get you once more.

Everywhere I look- I cannot find
The one who was beside me in spirit, body and mind.

From the moment I heard you coughing I knew I did not want to say goodbye-
Through the years ahead of me, my tears will never dry.

Everywhere I look- I can see, feel and hear
"My boy" who was beside me in spirit, body and mind.
-        Mary Dowski
8.4 years old
6 years old
5 years old
First and foremost, my dogs are my companions.

They are house dogs enjoying fresh farm air and space to roam;
but, also enjoying lying at my feet, in my lap or sleeping in bed.

Berners and Cardis (Cardigan Welsh Corgis) CANNOT be left out in
yards tied to a dog house. They are happiest when with their
family members. As with any dog, they need to be well-socialized,
learn manners and obedience and be limited to certain activities
during their long growth period. Your companion puppy is a
member of your family forever; thus, the time you invest at the
beginning will be rewarded as your enthusiastic puppy grows into
a mature adult and continues to be an integral part of your family
for years to come.
Ajax and his
life at Car-Rae
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Once owned by a Berner, life will never be the same.
In 1975 I saw my first Bernese Mountain Dog;
in 1988 I purchased my first Bernese Mountain Dog;
and in 2017, my love for the breed is just as profound as in 1975.

My love for Cardigans began with my childhood experience with the herding breeds, collies and
shelties. I showed a Cardi for a friend briefly and I never forgot her demeanor and whimsical
outlook on life. They are a big dog in a small dog body!!! (and rule the berners.....)

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

All of my Berners' information is located in the "Bernergarde" database as I believe in sharing
information for the health and sake of the breed. I encourage all of my
puppy owners to also submit data to this world-wide
data base. Shared knowledge will only help our breed.  (my BG # 2032)
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Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
Inland Northwest Bernese Mtn. Dog Club
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